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CHS employees teach students about careers in agriculture

CHS employee teaching students about soil science

Jun 04, 2019

As groups of Medford, Minn., seventh-graders work together to learn about life as a soybean farmer, their teacher keeps a watchful eye from the corner. Today, she’s taking a seat in the back of the class while CHS employees teach her students about ag careers.

“Our group wanted a different volunteer opportunity where we could help educate students about ag careers,” says Amy Piersak, Market Intelligence Analyst, CHS Enterprise Strategy. “We all have unique experiences and diverse backgrounds that led us to our current careers. What better way to give back than to share that with students?” 

Piersak and 11 other employees from CHS recently volunteered at Ag Career Exploration Day in Waseca, Minn. A partnership between FarmAmerica and Junior Achievement, the goal of the day is to prepare students for careers and showcase the opportunities agriculture has to offer.

Now in its third year, FarmAmerica hosts four Ag Career Exploration days a year for seventh- and eighth-grade students. Industry volunteers, like those from CHS, are essential to teaching students the provided curriculum. Pairs of employees guided about 75 students through lessons ranging from soft skills to soil science. 

“No one from our group had experience teaching kids,” says Piersak. “It was rewarding to see how everyone worked together and connected with each other and the students on a different level.” 

Piersak encourages other groups who are planning volunteer opportunities to consider experiences like this one. 

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