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CHS Payment Solutions has processed credit card transactions for more than four decades. In fact, our company pioneered the automated fueling pump for consumers to pay at the pump. Today, merchants in more than 20 states rely on our services for timely transaction processing, simplified accounting, dependable cash flow and superior customer service. From our initial pay-at-the-pump breakthrough to today’s innovations, we remain committed to helping merchants stay on top of payment trends.

CHS Payment Solutions services

CHS Payment Solutions supports a range of POS equipment to meet the various needs of your environment, connecting via fast and safe internet technology solutions to help get your customers on their way quickly. 

The CHS Payment Solutions Extranet Portal helps merchants stay in touch with the most up-to-date information on trends and regulations.

You get consolidated monthly statements summarizing all credit card transactions by card type for easy balancing. Our swift, accurate processing and continuous toll-free merchant assistance help you deliver superior service.

Merchants have free access to daily electronic reporting. This service allows you to view credit card transactions for a specific date range and confirm what will be deposited in your bank the next day. You can view up to 18 months of information.

At CHS Payment Solutions, we constantly challenge ourselves to provide the most competitive processing rates available. We also help you achieve your business goals by providing a winning formula that includes value-added services, such as prepaid gift cards.

CHS Payment Solutions remains disciplined in enforcing PCI compliance processes.

We help protect merchants from fraudulent transactions and prevent unwelcome chargebacks associated with pay-at-the-pump transaction disputes.

This service verifies paper checks and converts them into safe, efficient “electronic” (ACH) checks.

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